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Here at The Recovery Hub, we want to reassure our customers that we operate within a COVID secure environment. We must highlight the importance of social distancing (where applicable) and regular hand-washing.


We are available for face-to-face appointments, and patients are welcome to come in for therapy. We're following government guidelines and taking the appropriate precautions to keep you and the rest of the team safe here at the Junction.


We're open to:

Ease hospital overcrowding and keep our patients away from overworked GPs by treating musculoskeletal ailments and injuries. 

To assist individuals who are in pain at this stressful period, as well as to aid in the recovery of fitness following illness, surgery, or injuries.


Because of the risk of coronavirus infection, it is critical that you understand that attending a face-to-face consultation increases your risk of infection, as the therapist and patient are extremely likely to be in close contact (i.e. separated by less than 2 metres), despite all measures. 

We've conducted a thorough risk analysis. To be able to visit patients face to face, the clinic has put in place strong Health & Safety safeguards to protect both patients and staff.


Patients and staff will be denied face-to-face sessions if:

  • They have Covid-19 verified or suspected. 

  • In the last 14 days, they have or have had: Fever >37.7°C, prolonged cough, cold or flu-like symptoms, and rapid loss of taste or smell are all signs of a serious illness. Check if you have signs of the coronavirus – (COVID-19).

  • They live with or have been in contact with people who have been diagnosed with Covid-19, or they have signs of the illness. 

  • They are isolating or sheltering themselves or others in their household. 

  • They have just returned from a trip to a “high-risk” country within the last two weeks.


What we are doing

  • PPE will be worn by practitioners in accordance with PHE requirements, including masks, disposable aprons, and gloves as needed. 

  • Clinic uniforms will be washed at high temperatures every day.

  • Between uses, therapists will clean and sanitise the couch, chairs, and all other touch points/surfaces. 

  • Treatment sessions will be staggered to reduce cross-contamination and to allow for cleaning and disinfecting between clients.

  • Therapists will put on a mask, gloves, and an apron, as well as clean their hands before and after each session.

Upon Arrival

  • Wear your personal mask or face-covering when you arrive and keep it on before entering the facility. This is in accordance with official recommendations because you will be within two metres of someone you have never met before and in an enclosed location.

  • Your temperature will be taken prior to treatment room entry. 

  • Use your personal hand sanitizer or the one provided at reception to clean your hands as soon as you enter the treatment room. 

  • Touching anything, especially doorknobs, stair rails, and other equipment, is not a good idea.


In the treatment room

  • More Covid-19 questions will be asked, and you will be requested to sign a consent form (the pen will be wiped before you handle).

  • After each customer, couches are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected whilst the used roll is discarded.

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