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What to Expect


Expert injury treatment, sports massage, and rehabilitation for neck, back, and knee discomfort, among other things, are available.

We've worked in physiotherapy, chiropractic, and sports therapy injury clinics, so we can provide our customers specialised injury treatment, sports massage, and rehabilitation.


During the first consultation, a treatment plan will be created based on the sorts of treatment that will help you improve your injury or condition.

What we Treat

Both common and sports musculoskeletal injuries are assessed, diagnosed, and treated. Muscle discomfort, nerve impingement, fractures, postural and biomechanical problems are all examples of acute and chronic injuries we treat.


Spinal Issues -

Degeneration, sciatica, lower back pain, stiff/painful neck, transferred arm and leg aches 


Joint Issues - 

Arthritis, damage, discomfort, swelling and stiffness in joints


Work / Sports-related - 

Soft tissue injuries to muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons

Fractures -

Treatment to increase the healing rate and regain full function once the bones have healed

What is Sports Therapy ?

A therapy method that focuses on preventing injury and restoring patients to their optimal levels of functional, occupational, and sports-specific fitness, regardless of their age or ability. 


In a sporting environment, therapists utilise their abilities and experience to improve performance and avoid injury, as well as provide urgent treatment for injuries and basic life support.

A Sports Therapist will examine and treat patients, as well as develop and implement suitable rehabilitation programmes to help them normalise and recover their biomechanical function. After you've regained a normal range of motion, you'll be given strength and conditioning training recommendations to help you get back to your sport or employment.

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